Marine Asbestos Surveys

Why have a professional Marine Asbestos Survey?

Materials containing asbestos were used within the marine industry for over 65 years, hence many vessels used today still contain asbestos. To minimise the potential risks asbestos poses to personnel on board and the vessels surrounding eco system, it is critical that proper asbestos checks are performed on all vessels. The International Maritime Organisation and governments the world over require vessels to have certified inspections and keep records of the necessary paperwork, to ensure the potential risk of contaminated vessels entering ports do not harm either the vessels crew or the workers within the shipping yards.

What is a Marine Asbestos Survey?

The survey involves a comprehensive assessment of the ship, as any oversight could potentially result in fatalities down the track. Asbestos surveys are conducted by L&D’s trained professional surveyors and determine if any vessel, or its equipment on board, contain the hazardous material. If asbestos is found, it can then be determined if and how the material can be safely removed or managed. Not only is asbestos dangerous to humans, but the asbestos used in the marine industry can also greatly affect the fragile marine eco system, for this reason when dealing with asbestos there is certainly no room for error or negligence. 

How can L&D help?

L&D has a trained team of maritime specialists who can offer experience and knowledge in this critical area and are available to perform offshore inspections. Once a survey has been conducted a comprehensive asbestos register is complied along with a management plan that can then be implemented. Australian Work, Health and Safety legislation is regulated and enforced in all the states and territories within all businesses having an obligation to protect their employees from potential harm. L&D can assist in an effort to minimise or eliminate any potential risks to you, your personnel and the surrounding environment by offering ‘quality within value’ with comprehensive surveys at affordable prices.

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