Dilapidation Surveys

L&D provide a range of property risk management services such as dilapidation surveys, which are designed to identify and review the existing structural condition of a building, structure and infrastructure before construction, demolition or development starts. All faults such as cracks, distortion, leaks, and other building imperfections are recorded in written notes and photographs. This type of dilapidation survey is also used when potential breaches occur in relation to the terms of a lease, and to make recommendations in regards to remedial action.

The main components of L&D’s Dilapidation survey are:

1: Desktop Assessment – Lease terms and conditions, license holders
2: Site Inspection – Repairs, maintenance, reinstatement, distortions, alterations and maintenance
3: Report – Recommendations on remedial works, breaches and cost estimates

Dilapidation surveys can be undertaken on any type of property including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial
  • High-rise buildings
  • Heritage listed
  • infrastructure
  • And more.

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